going nowhere fast

Apr 5

Where is that recent gif of tay from?


from Jordan’s Vine post :)

Apr 4
its k you can take mai gif…

its k you can take mai gif…

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My god. Sometimes my brain can’t comprehend Cassadee’s beauty. It’s just too much.

Jul 8
Jul 8

okay so Bands move on from old songs. It’s simply progression. They have 17 songs from their EP/Best Intentions to choose from, most of which are much newer than those older songs. And a lot of fans don’t know those older songs. It’s not rocket science (lol). Bands just play their newer stuff. Why release albums if you’re going to keep playing your original stuff? Plus, I know at least Tay has said she doesn’t even like Rocket Surgery anymore.

Haha, thank you so much! All of that makes total sense. I enjoy those songs a lot, that’s why I kinda wanted to know. Anyway, thank you again :)

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Damn, I miss this night :/

Jun 5
Jun 3

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So, today I got my Hey Monday shirt from that sale they had, and I was so excited. I opened the packaging and looked at the shirt and thought “This looks women sized.” Trying not to mind it, I put the shirt on and… Yup, it’s definitely not for men. 

But at least I got a wristband! :D